We are a local church.  Structurally, we are independent of the general and regional units;
however, we are in covenant with them spiritually, ethically, and financially bound to shared
ministry and mission.

Our local church is governed by an Administrative board whose members have been elected by
the congregation.  The Board meets every other month on the third Tuesday to handle the
affairs of the congregation.  This elected body is responsible for the programming and ministry
of the congregation.

There are six divisions on the board in addition to ten committees.  The divisions are:  1) Board
of Trustees 2) Church in Society/World Outreach 3) Evangelism/Membership/Education 4)
Stewardship 5) Worship 6) Christian Women's Fellowship.

On going programs of the church include:

Christian Women's Fellowship
CWF involves every woman of the church with worship experiences,
mission studies, fellowship opportunites and sponsored service projects.  
A day group meet once a month on the second Thursday.
Music Programs
Each Wednesday, adults meet for choir practice at 6:30.  During the
summer, the choir practices at 10:00 am on Sunday morning.
Participants of all ages are welcome to come share the joy of creating
music and enhancing the worship services.  
Various Activities
Goodtimers meet once a month at Green Country Village for fellowship
and a noon meal.  Various outings are planned in Bartlesville and the
surrounding area for Northeast Area and Oklahoma regional meetings,
trips to the ball parks, service projects and much more.

First Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ)
Bartlesville, Oklahoma